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About Us

Ante Industry Machinery Industry is a company that has an area of ​​1000 square meters in Gaziemir in 2015. In our product range, we are able to manufacture all kinds of machinery, industrial automotive, construction, energy infrastructures, transportation equipments, transportation equipments, lifting work safety systems, personal protective equipment, personnel elevators, high pressure hydraulic equipments, load safety equipments, 304-316 stainless pallet truck, Mining, harbor, maritime and TS EN standards.

As of 2015, our company undertakes the exproof conversion of Atex 2014/34 / EU (directive on equipment and protective systems intended to be used in potentially explosive atmospheres). Electrical and diesel forklifts operating in explosive atmospheres, trucks, pallet trucks and industrial machinery are subject to the AtEx directive. It can also make standard equipment expoof by performing on-site risk analysis in some sectors operating in explosive atmospheres.

Ante, a fictional brand with openness and investor management strategy and an understanding of providing professional service, professional staff training and professional staff training, has shown success in transportation of international platform to the requirements of national and international legislation and quality regulations in compliance with Atex documents.